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Care label manufacturer, groupDC was founded in 1977 and is well known in the North American Market as a care label manufacturer and full service resource for retail price tags, tickets, imprinting systems, brand security products, fabric labels and brand related trims. Always in the forefront of market trends, in 2000, groupDC established the CS Global Alliance™ and its Remote Service Bureau and Global Brand Management™ programs to address the needs of clients who were moving towards a global business structure.

groupDC is an established company in the field of product identification and retail price tags for the apparel and soft goods industries with over 30 years of experience as a North American care label manufacturer, distributor and exporter.

Our product knowledge, production capabilities and global footprint enable us to offer our clients integrated, seamless identification programs. Through the facilities of the CS Global Alliance™ , groupDC offers a complete range of products and services in sixteen countries, strategically located to provide local coverage in primary locations for apparel sourcing around the world.

  • groupDC has grown from a regional care label manufacturer of printed labels and retail price tags to a multidivisional corporation with sales and production facilities in 16 countries. We offer a wide array of products and services to cover your domestic and global branded identification requirements.

  • Our Global Brand Management™ service allows you to maintain brand equity through consistency of design and quality regardless of your vendors location.

  • We manage your price ticket production worldwide through our Remote Service Bureau™ program, which enables you to imprint variable information in various locations through electronic data transfer.

  • Sales and Customer Service support is available in all our locations. Local offices can communicate with vendors and manufacturers in their own language and in the same time zone. Moreover, they are familiar with domestic policies and custom regulations.
Our products include retail price tags, tickets, imprinting systems, brand security products, fabric labels and brand related trims.

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